Our Process

Here at Branding Gym, we believe brands are like muscles – the more you train them, the bigger they get. As a business, your brand is your most valuable asset – but it’s something that a lot of business owners neglect. Building your brand takes a lot of training – you need to have the right commitment and resources to get your brand in the best shape possible.

Luckily for you, we have the equipment you need get your brand bulked up. Your personal trainer Jim the cow will be responsible for giving your brand the workout it needs to perform at the highest possible level. If you want your brand to lift the bar, it’s time to give it a workout.

Sign Up for a Membership

The first step is signing up for your Branding Gym membership. We have a few different packages that are sure to suit your business’s fitness needs. Make sure to sign up for the membership that will give your brand the best workout possible. Once you’ve signed up for your membership, it’s time to hit the weight room.

Submit a Creative Brief

Your ‘creative brief’ is your company’s fitness goals. Before we start lifting, we want to know what you expect from your brand. Like any good trainer, Branding Gym will write a training program specifically for your business and its fitness goals. We want to make sure that a training strategy is in place from day one – organization and commitment gets results. Often brands hit the gym without knowing what to improve, Jim the cow has been trained to target the muscles you need to take your brand to new heights.

Submit a Job

Each job you submit is a brand workout. Depending on your membership, you may be entitled to unlimited brand workouts every month. Each workout is meant for a different purpose – you may need a logo for a brochure, or a design for a proposal. Either way, each graphic will be designed to strengthen your brand as much as possible. Once you submit your workout, Branding Gym will get to work on creating a graphic that fits your brand perfectly. Our trainers want your brand to build on strength after strength. Each workout will only take 1-3 days to complete.


It’s not a proper gym session if you don’t take a look in the mirror afterwards. After your job is complete, it’s time to review your results. Like any good trainer, Jim is here to make sure you’re happy with your fitness outcomes. We want your brand to be as healthy and strong as possible, which means you have to be satisfied with the job. During the review stage, you can let us know of any changes you want made to your graphic design.