About Branding Gym

Branding Gym is a membership-based graphic design service that helps you get the most from your brand. We provide unlimited graphic design packages that allow you to constantly bulk up your company’s brand.

We treat your brand the way an athlete treats his body – giving it the nutrition and exercise it needs to compete at the highest level. We believe that effective businesses ensure that their brand is constantly in shape. What better way to work out your brand than have an unlimited brand training program year-round? Get in the gym and lift your brand to the next level.


Branding Gym is an extension of Bow Tie Kreative – a web design company that produces high-end websites for a range of different clients. Bow Tie Kreative helps clients build successful online businesses by providing both webpage development and marketing strategy. The company has been successfully helping politicians, celebrities, and small business owners for over 15 years.

Branding Gym and Bow Tie Kreative are devoted to providing you with high-end solutions to communicating with your customers. Bow Tie Kreative focuses on the digital so you can focus on the operations. Don’t leave anything on the rack – give your brand the workout it deserves today.